Benefits ofBecoming a Member

Becoming a member of SCOMM India offers a plethora of benefits. Experience seamless communication with advanced technologies, enjoy exclusive access to cutting-edge products and services, stay ahead with regular updates and training sessions, and be part of a thriving community that fosters collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving realm of startup ecosystem.


Networking is an essential part of building a successful startup. At our platform, we provide startups with ample opportunities to network with industry experts, potential customers, partners, and investors. Through our events and community, startups can build meaningful relationships and gain valuable insights to help grow their businesses.


Incubation Connect

Our incubation programs offer startups access to a vast network of industry experts, mentors, and coaches who can help them validate their ideas, build their products, and establish their businesses. We provide startups with access to resources, mentorship, and guidance to help them overcome the challenges of starting a business.

Accelerator Connect

Our accelerator programs are designed to help startups scale their businesses and access funding. We provide startups with access to a network of investors, venture capitalists, and other funding sources who can help them raise capital and grow their businesses.


Investor Connect

We help startups connect with potential investors to raise funding for their businesses. We provide startups with access to our network of angel investors, venture capitalists, and other funding sources. Our team also assists startups with preparing for funding rounds and making a strong pitch.

Institute Connect

We collaborate with leading educational institutes to offer startups access to the latest research, technologies, and resources. Our partnerships with institutes enable startups to leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to grow their businesses.


Government Connect

We collaborate with the government to offer startups access to various schemes, grants, and other benefits. Our platform helps startups navigate the complex government regulations and policies to access the resources they need to grow their businesses.


We believe in the power of collaboration and work with startups to build meaningful partnerships that can help them grow their businesses. We help startups identify potential partners, build relationships, and explore new opportunities to expand their businesses.


Mentorship & Coaching

Our team of experienced mentors and coaches work with startups to provide valuable insights, guidance, and advice to help them overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship. We provide startups with access to experienced mentors who have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and can offer tailored advice and support.

Market Connections

We help startups connect with potential customers, partners, and investors to grow their businesses. Our network of industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs can help startups establish their businesses and access funding. We also offer startups access to market research and insights to help them identify new opportunities and grow their businesses



or Ideation Stage Startups
  • Join the Student community of scomm (Ycomm)
  • Get the opportunity to work and do an internship with Startups


from Protorype to Scalable
  • Join the scomm ecosystem, WhatsApp group
  • Allow attending the scomm event


in Scale-up Stage
  • Base benefits with other chapter access
  • Get the opportunity to fill up your hiring through Ycomm
  • I was invited to speak at an event.


revenue above 5 Cr
  • Part of the executive body
  • Join 1-1 with guest
  • Other base benefits